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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

We are looking for talented people who are committed and eager to learn to help to achieve the brand to reach out to potential clients and models. You’ll be working closely with the founder to get the job done. There is a real focus on continuous improvement, so you’ll be encouraged to make the very most of your talents.

"Being an intern for Wari LACE opened my eyes to what career paths I could follow in the fashion industry by giving me opportunities to experience and meet people in different sectors, I was given active roles on all projects from assisting others on photo shoots to being photographer for the day and improving on my editing skills. Wari LACE is a great place to put your skills to use while gaining more, I was very independent but was able to contact Wari for help when it was needed, In the end I have created professional level work that I could add to my portfolio     R.N (Wari LACE Intern 2018).........."

Lace Fashion Show094.jpg
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