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Model Lullah – Eritrea

"I've been working with Wari for 3 months now and it has been amazing. Having had no modelling experience, Wari has taken great care to ensure that I am well informed and made comfortable in this new world. I have learned a lot in the short amount of time we have known each other.


I appreciate the time and effort she always puts into our training sessions which have helped me greatly. She inspires me to work hard and to always show up as my best self. She is both professional and incredibly warm. I look forward to the upcoming opportunities and continuing to grow and progress with Wari Lace in the new year."

Model Ngozi – Nigerian

“I’ve been with Wari LACE for only under 5 months and my modelling career has heightened immensely, I’m so grateful to be apart of this agency because of the hard work and dedication that is executed. Wari has treated me with so much respect and love so I always feel good and safe. Very thankful!”


“Our daughter Ngozi signed up with Wari LACE modelling agency in the Summer of 2018. She has since seen her confidence as a young lady and career as a model soar to great heights in such a short time. She has also made some amazing friends during her time with Wari LACE. As parents, we appreciate Wari's professionalism, how she really cares about the well being of our daughter! I would highly recommend Wari LACE Modelling Agency if you are looking for an agency that will represent your child with integrity & class!” - Chichi Anene


Model Naomi – Jamaican & Antiguan

"The last few months have flown by and looking back I am really proud of work that I have done with LACE. I have done a few shoots and shows, most recently I modelled at the Black Beauty Sensationnel Hair Awards 2016. This was my first time at a hair awards show and it was very exciting.


The atmosphere is always positive, and even if slightly intense at times, everyone always executes which makes all the effort worth it. To me, all work that I do is a learning experience; whether it comes in the form of practicing choreography for a walk, heeding advice from Wari (Mother Hen) or just observing the talented models that I get to be around. In the New Year, I look forward to upcoming opportunities to build on what I have achieved as the Face of LACE and continue to enjoy my role."


Model Estelle - French

“Wari has always been professional in the way that she keeps models informed with release forms and terms and conditions about any job. Her natural mother instinct makes her go the extra mile by making sure that models arrived at destination of any casting or shoots/shows and pushes them to be seen and discovered.


She has got great communication skills and makes models aware of what the situation is.


Wari has booked me for high end fashion shoots and shows. I know that what I’m getting out of being with Wari LACE will get me more jobs and people with take me seriously as a full time professional model.”


Model Charli – Caribbean

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with Wari Lace. She displays such a professional and yet compassionate attitude towards us models. Whenever I am represented by Wari Lace, I feel immensely comfortable, as I know that I am in good hands. Not only does she attend the jobs booked to over see things, but she also attends castings.


I recommend the services of Wari Lace to all models that are serious about their craft.

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