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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

When we have made request to what is needed within the rules, we have been questioned on one particular area, Hair! We wish to clarify to why this area of HAIR is very significant. We at WariLACE request and require all models to have their own hair out on show to any castings and for any event shows that WariLACE is involved with.

The reasons for this is that WARI is from back in the days when models were requested and required to have their own hair out and also back than it was not the norm to have weaved hair as a model.


The ethics of WariLACE is that we work with enormous talented celebrities’ and upcoming hairstylists, hair award salons and leading hair products. By having your own hair out makes the model casting go smooth which enable the hairstylists to quickly see the condition of your hair to determine into what hair treatments, products and styles which would be best for your hair and one of the important factor is that they need to feel the condition of your hair, so it very important to understand why we have implement this strategy for all activities within WariLACE models.


So models, you can now see that this is all for your own best interest!

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