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I am Somebody....

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  • love the bright colours within the African Inspired designs.

  • I create various headwrap styles to make an outfit unique –  the finished look compliments one another.

  • to promote my cultural awareness.

  • I enjoy experimenting on the creations that I create.

  • I feel comfortable wearing headwraps.

  • It's my umbrella.

  • It's my woolly hat.

  • It's my wig on a bad hair day.

I am often asked why do I wear headwraps so much, here are the reasons to why I wear headwraps.

Check out some of the editorial work Wari LACE has created and some of the headwraps that Wari LACE has done on consumers. As you can see headwraps looks great on all ages!

Copyright warilace 2015

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